Kevin Robertson, Chapel Hill, USA

Mind over matter: Challenges in neurocognition

Robertson 2

Kevin Robertson, Ph.D.
Professor, Director of Neuropsychology
Director, AIDS Neurological Center
Department of Neurology, School of Medicine
Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, College of Arts and Sciences
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Kevin Robertson has conducted clinical research on HIV associated neurocognitive disorders and the neurological effects of HIV/AIDS. He chaired the first neurological multinational randomized clinical trial for HIV in resource limited settings, discovering the prevalence of neurocognitive impairment and the importance of ART in reducing impairment. Dr. Robertson received the 2016 Psychology and AIDS Distinguished Leader Award as a distinguished leader for his global leadership in applying psychological science and practice to improve the mental health of persons living with HIV and training the next generation of clinical scientists committed to HIV/AIDS throughout the world.