Réjean Thomas, Montreal, Canada

A bumpy journey: from lypodystrophy to PrEP

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Dr. Réjean Thomas, a graduate of universities of Moncton, Montreal and Laval, is a family doctor, CEO and founder of l'Actuel, Centre of Excellence in HIV, STIs and Hepatitis, since 1984. Dr. Thomas is a member of the McGill AIDS Centre. He also pursued studies in philosophy. Founder of Doctors of the World in Canada, he contributed in establishing a humanist approach to medicine in Canada and abroad, participating in many humanitarian missions.
Education, prevention, research and especially patients' quality of life, the fight against prejudice, commitment against social vulnerability, advocacy for human rights along with his approach as a clinician and a grassroots activist have earned Dr. Thomas an international reputation. He has participated in numerous scientific publications and has performed several preceptorships with clinical teams.
Dr. Thomas has received numerous awards for his exceptional contributions, including the Ordre national du Québec, the Order of Canada, Doctorate Honoris Causa, from Université de Moncton and Université de Montréal.